Well, another year gone, and quicker than ever.

Been really busy with lots of varied projects. What I was really pleased with was the studio earned it’s money in terms of me using it: importantly, it feels like a creative space and homely: somewhere I want to be (not necessarily an easy feat)

Some highlights of the year (apologies if I missed something out I worked on for you!):

Mixed the Daydream Club EP

Released a couple of remixes under The Rise and Demise of John banner……: one for She Make War  and , a personal highlight for me, one for Martin Rossiter (ex Gene)

Released a debut single as the Rise and Demise of John.. then deleted it

Mixed a rather stirring track with live strings on the One Cure For Man album

Recorded an album in the back of a van

Plus, Edited around 80 tracks to 60 second and 30 second versions, mastered a couple of hundred tracks, mixed 40 or 50 tracks, wrote 15 or so tracks for TV, mixed and mastered an album for a singing astrologer (you couldn’t make it up), and mastered some albums for kids plays

Mixed a track for Sally Hossack for a possible Tricky appearence

Like the last couple of years, the majority of work’s involved artists recording themselves and passing to me to finalise/mix.master.. and I love that DIY-ness.

Albums I’ve enjoyed: Factory Floor, Mazzy Star, I Am Kloot, Midlake, Savages, Nick Cave, Jon Hopkins, John Grant, Johnny Marr. Number one’s got to be the John Grant one, tho: really excellent

Not much of a reader, I read 2 books this year…. 2 more than in 2012: the Moz biography was particularly ace, although totally self indulgent and moany.. what did we expect?

You Never Give Me Your Money about the Beatle’s money: never a Beatles fan, but this book was really excellent

Gig of the year was the Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis one at the MIF. Amazing.

Oh, and I turned 40

2014’s all about starting my production music publishing company up after a lengthy gestation period……everything’s nearly finished… feb/march I think for a launch

Happy New Year, all!

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