A little ‘before and after’ demo. Rather extreme, but in the case of the genre, appropriate. If you were Johnny Cash, this sort of mastering wouldn’t be suitable. We don’t listen with our eyes, but you can see the volume effected by the mastering process. Subtle EQ and gentle compression with a heavy (in this case) dose of limiting.. those are your main tools. The track, by the way is by Blak Nite.

Two tracks I recorded, programmed, played guitar and bass on, mixed and mastered. By mwah


A track the band (Free Control) recorded themselves. I added some extra programming , mixed and mastered it.

From the ‘Extended Play EP’ by Free Control. Paul Warrener recorded it at Seamus Wong and we mixed the 5 tracks together.. I tweaked the mixes and mastered a couple

Heres a remix I completed for the band I Am In Love. I features on the B Side of their debut single. The original was recorded at the ever lovely Seamus Wong studio.

Shortwave Fade track I co-produced with the band, then I mixed and mastered it.

‘End Scene’ (We Are Altered mix) by Troels Abrahamsen

Some lovely classical guitar recorded on a Macbook mic, Linn drums and 303 Acid squelches. Programmed and arranged by myself and John Rushton as We Are Altered . I mixed and mastered the track.

‘Carry Me (Shimmy mix)’ by Kafka Diva

An edit / mix of a lovely tune by KafkaDiva. We recorded the drums in a room an inch bigger than the actual kit, and the rest of the recordings were done by the band themselves to a Boss 8 track……files emailed to me to mix and master. Lots of little production tricks to make the sparseness a little bigger: fake double tracking, delays, pitchshifting, reverse swells, drum looping, tremelo pads for pace, all drawn from what amounted to a couple of guitar tracks, a bass take and a drum take. Lovely sensible use of time and resources.

‘I Never Learnt to Share’ (the Rise and Demise of John mix)

I’m a fan of the first James Blake album (and some of his stuff since) This track screamed out for less a remix, more a reapproach.All the live stuff.. the classical guitar and extra vocals, were all done with the Macbook Pro mic. The rest of the programming was done on a few bus journeys. Had a great response from this track.

‘Bandages’ by We Are Altered

Very much a laptop track: sole mic used was a Beta 57 by Shure. Rest programmed, mixed and mastered in Logic Studio. From the album I finished with lovely John Rushton.

‘Everything In Daylight’ by Peter Wyeth

This song is beautiful. For me, Pete’s journey through the art of recording and mixing over the years has influenced how I think about the process. I remain a fan of what he does. You can read in more detail on how this song was recorded, here. Long story short, Pete recorded everything himself on a digital 8 track recorder, and then gave the files to me to mix.  Mixed and mastered on Logic Studio : the trick was gentle automation in the mix with subtle EQ.. the EQ was generally to get rid of the ‘digital-ness’ rather than just to use EQ to make it shiny: harder than I imagined it to be to get this mix right. Mastering was very very gentle: the dynamics were very important to the track.

‘Secret Genie’ by Hannah Brine

Part of a project I did with Hannah a while back now. Lovely song. I programmed, produced, mixed and mastered it in a loft in my old house.Rather worryingly I also played the bass and guitar on it. Listen out at 2 minutes 49 : a testament to Hannah and the magic harmonies.. we had lots of fun banking up track after track of vocals to create a really ethereal choral effect. Nice to indulge every once in a while. Hear some of her stuff here

‘NIMM’ by She Makes War

A remix I did using just the vocal. Rest were samples and synths. I recorded some extra guitar and vocals on a nice hissy Macbook Pro mic.

‘Vicious Town’ The Schmidts

A joy to record with this dark cabaret band. Programmed the backing loop beforehand, added live drums (this and 2 other songs) in a couple of hours with just a mic on the kick, 2 on the snare and a pair of room mics. Nice mics tho. Time was money so we really did just get to the point and record quick and edited later. We did the guitar, squeeze box and vocals in a tiny rehearsal room, then I took it away to mix and add some more programming. Finally I mastered this and the other tracks.

Start to finish, probably a days work for this track.

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