MIXING MINIThese days, many bands/musicians record themselves…… in bedrooms, rehearsal rooms…. wherever they can. It’s not rocket science… point a mic in front of a great performance and capture it. Done.
Well, yes, but that’s the easy bit. Mixing is where you need perspective so why not pass the hard bit to me? Let me balance, compress, gate, EQ, effect and do all those other things to make your music sound as ace as possible.
Contact me, explain what you’d like, mail me tracks/mixes, and I’ll give you a free consultation (posh for ‘I’ll have a listen and see what’s possible’) ….. if something would benefit from being rerecorded, then that’s always the best way and I’ll tell you as much. I can, if I have to, fix timing,tune things, replace poorly recorded drums kits with good samples and generally turn H2O into V i N O… but it really is best to get it right when you record it.
What’s more, if you don’t like what I do, then you don’t pay. We go our separate ways into cyberspace and pretend we never met.

MASTERING MINIThis is the bit where I make your music sound as loud and as shiny sounding as your favourite songs in your collection.
Mastering is a definite dark art.. if you can afford it, I’d always advise you go to a dedicated mastering house in person. Saying that, lots can be done with a good pair of ears and the right tools. I have those, and again, if you don’t like what I do, just don’t pay, OK?


I’ve done my fair share of music for that ‘Business We Call Show’: my stuff’s been used on websites, radio and TV around the world. If you need some stuff ‘that sounds a bit like Air, but with a twiddly squelchy stylophone solo…. no not like THAT!.. like THAT!!’ (plus lots of other types of stuff) then get in touch, or go to my music for media site : a PRS registered library music publisher


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