Sound advice

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adrian Bushby today: Grammy winning engineer, producer, mixer. Worked with Muse, Foo Fighters…proper A-lister. A few take aways on his mix approach:

Rarely listened to tracks in solo

Used not many plug ins: knew them well

Wasn’t technical: very much a creative/feel mixer

Pro Tools stock reverb for the vocal spring

Worked quick

Automated the mix bus : quieter verse, then up a db into the chorus

Was a dude

It was an online thing, so we used AudioMovers ListenTo plug in. I’ve used the a few times without many issues, but for this session we had nothing but trouble. What I didn’t check was Adrians internet speed from his end. We ended up on 320kbs with a second latency, but he had to also convert his session from 96k to 44.1. Pretty high pressure situation to get the session started so it’s hard to pinpoint all the bits needed to make it work…..but what it showed me was we’re still a way from easy high quality audio sharing.

New release I mixed and mastered

80s-tastic synthpop tune by James Burt

…can’t remember if I posted about the last single I did for him a few weeks back

…massive use of the SSL suite of plug ins on these tunes..perfect for the vibe (man)

YouTube Love

Hannah who I wrote a few library tracks with last year got a graphic made for one of the tracks. No other news about it other than, I love the song we did The track was one of 4 that got released on the Music Supervisors label