New library release, out today

Especially nice release for me as it’s the first time I’ve co written with my old bandmate Naim Cortazzi for 20 odd years. It’s sort of a fake band project: always helps me to put writing in a box of some kind, and it felt good to form a band without the hassle of rehearsing or playing live!

New Library Music EP of songs

Written with long term friend and collaborator Hannah Brine, also on vocals, released today on the Music Supervisors label

Really pleased with how these came out……at the time when I wrote and recorded the music last Christmas, I was still obsessed with the Taylor Swift albums she released last year: always helps to have a strong focus when writing, but then you hand it to someone else and it goes another way, and then you hand it to libraries and they choose favourites and order in a way you wouldn’t imagine.

Anyway, happy it’s finished and out now