Aug 10th 2010: more mixing

Spent most of the evening on the Shortwave Fade mix. Lots of thinning out to be done.. when you record each guitar track with a pair of mics you tend to feel inclined to use them both for every track…..but sometimes you simply don’t need them all, especially when theres alot of synth tracks competing. Got to the vocal stage and a bit of a fiddle with various effects, but need to approach it fresh tomorrow. Hoping to have something close to a finished mix for thursday’s recording with them.

Kyle/Jamie Says emailed some comments back about the first drafts of the masters: he’s tweaking mixes his end on a few, too, but all in all a good starting point.. will crack on tomorrow night.

…. and when my ears got tired, I started uploading the We Are Altered album masters for the label to CD Baby for digital distribution. CD Baby have a real heart to what they do…. take a listen to their (pretty) regular podcasts : always interesting, and very ‘feet on the ground’ advice.

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