Aug 12th and 13th : Recording, mastering and emailing files (yawn)

Last night I packed up my freshly flight-cased gear and went to Shortwave Fade’s rehearsal room to record some guitars. Great set up, though small, it was fine for what we needed to get done. Only took a couple of hours to record Ben’s parts with some extra ideas we worked up: nice when people are open to try things, even when the idea is ‘make your amp sound like the end of the world, use one string and feedback in tune’. Needless to say it sounds ace. Their room is like so many others out there and the band are clever boys… am pushing them into thinking about doing more of their own recording: they really don’t need anyone for the nuts and bolts.. just the fairy dust and mix. Cheaper for them, too. But we’ll see. Last year, Gareth Jones gave a guest mix and talk at my day job.. he was saying most of the records he makes these days, some or even all of the recording is done in the band’s rehearsal room. Food for thought. He should know what he’s talking about. In fact he as telling me how he recorded the vocals for the last Erasure album he produced in his kitchen. Exactly the type of ethic I relate to… just get on with it…………

After we finished guitars I played the band the ‘Levitate’ mix as it stands.. which is nearly there but before tweaks. They’ll use that as a a reference for where the mix goes from here.

Tonight has been remastering the One Cure For Man tracks, and tweaks to the Jamie Says stuff.

And then.. a whole host of emailing files (and keeping track of them). Very dull but necessary.

Also dull was finishing the WAA album uploads to CD baby and attempting to rearrange the album order. John (Rushton, co-band man in WAA and all round musical genius) has done some great artwork for it, which I uploaded too. Now, thinking cap on for the physical release……..

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