August 15th. WAA session tracks and LSD

As WAA don’t play live, we need to generate more material to promote the album. So I spent an hour doing a ‘session’ version of ‘All she left me was a valentine’ .. kind of intentionally rushed to get the urgency. Bass isn’t my thing, but I had a play, and thanks to Flex time in Logic I did OK. Muted bass in an LCD Soundsystem stylee. Nice. The version sounds good so far, but it’s against my natural instincts to leave faults, flaws and rough edges: I have no problems appreciating those elements on others’ work and love leaving in hiss, scrapes and the like in mixes, but in my own music I have the desire to tweak! So, before I tweaked, I stopped.

.. other news, James from One Cure For Man is mailing me files to  mix one of their tracks. Looking forwards to that.

Read with great interest a post on the internet and the mystery it takes away from, in this article. lead singers (catchily bundled up as Lead Singer Disease, or LSD (ahem) for short)  and puts forward the point that we shouldn’t know everything about them should we? Have a read. I think I’ll write a blog on this soon.. it made me think….

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