Aug 17th The perils of drum recording / One Cure for Man mix prepping / Vile-Viral ace video

Received the One Cure For Man files today. Spent a long time on the drums. The recordings were fine, bearing in mind they were done by the band themselves and not in a controlled studio environment: not an ideal snare or tom sound: needs to be very driving, but the gate on the snare made the snare disparate to the rest of the kit, so I did some drum doubling to allow the real snare to give the feel and the extra snare to give the drive. I miss not having a click for the track… have an urge to tweak timings, and this will take a lot longer with no bar reference. Will see how I get on tomorrow nite. Ended the night with a solid drum track, bass sound and a fake double tracked acoustic guitar for width and the ‘jangle’ element. Fake double track? In this case where the acoustic’s just doing a pushing job, I simply copied the take over and delayed it slightly (about 30 ticks in Logic) and applied different EQ, too and panned them left and right. Again, if we had worked to a click i would have copied other sections of the song over to make, effectively , two takes. I can already hear the swoony section, so I quickly chopped the single strums of acoustic and applied a nice tape delay…

I say the new Yeasayer video the other day. Absolutely brilliant. Totally vile. Amazing.Am a fan of the new album: very adventurous.

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