19th Sept. Home from Home mixing

Had a lovely few hours at Tony and Louise’s from Kafkadiva doing the personal bit of the mixing process.. enough of the emailed comments (good as they’ve been), it was nice to have instant feedback on the decisions. So, 12 tracks in 5 hours is pretty good going, there may be some tired ears decisions in the latter tracks, but a couple of days space will tell. So , done, bar tweaks of the tweaks, then mastering. Nice croissants and pecan slices and lovely coffee, the best thing about all this was we did it in the spare room, very relaxed. Edirol firewire card used due to portablilty, and it did a fine job.

This week, I’ll probably be sorting the timings and ISRC codes for the Jamie Says album, meeting One Cure for Man for a chat about recording ideas, but there’s lots to do for the WAA album.

Not enough hours in the day

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