Oct 2nd Kafkadiva Mastering and Mark Ronson being a third great

Started the Kafkadiva album mastering on friday. Should finish by mid week. No surprises. All sounding good.

Listened to the new Mark Ronson album a few times. Hard to not dislike him : the world tends to pile on him at the moment, and who can blame them. A bit of an annoying whiney (excuse the pun) speaking voice facing a public who don’t really know what a producer does. Well, his new album has some pretty ace stuff on it. Yep, heavily borrowed in places, but isn’t that the point? It’s glued together by a band sound: in particular the drum sound: hip hop funk tastic. Yes the array of guest vocalists could annoy, but bloody hell, even the Simon Le Bon track’s great. Appearances from Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt, Boy George, and ex Pippettes singer just seem to gel. Yes, I’m not mentioning the rappers: that’s the two thirds of the album I don’t like. Will I still like the Bike Song in a month? Probably not. Great pop album well produced.

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