Oct 3rd – 5th Kafkadiva mastering finished? Depeche Mode and Blue Aeroplane’s new albums (20 years ago)

All Kafkadiva tracks mastered and Drop-boxed to the band waiting thumbs up/down/sideways.

Spent more time on the WAA remix, trying to trim the end to be a little more complete: difficult unless you listen to the other 4 minutes first!

Continued my trawl through the 20 year old music press I inherited from Freecycle. Absolute joy every time I read one. Currently I’m in early 1990 reading reviews of Extricate by the Fall, Swagger by the Blue Aeroplanes, and I’ve just read that Depeche Mode are to release ‘Violator’. Funny.. when I re read that after 20 years I still felt excited, as if it were about to come out now.

That album is one of the most perfectly mixed albums and has stayed with me all these years. Mixed by Francois Kervokian, ‘Violator’ maintains the perfect balance: a glassy soundscape over great songs. Powerful and gorgeous. Arrangements that swell and beat.

‘Swagger’ is on my top ten albums list every time. A friend of my ex introduced me to them. ‘Jacket Hangs’ alone is worth investing time in them

Famously having a million guitarists, Angelo Bruschini went on to be in Massive Attack. Anyway.. listening to ‘Swagger’s mix is another masterclass… all those guitars, but each has its own space. Yum

Fall in love with them.

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