Dec 7th. Kids, eh

The last two evenings I’ve been mastering a new batch of children’s musical material by a company called Edgy Productions. Edgy is (mostly) one man, Andy Oxspring: I’ve known Andy for nearly 15 years in his guise as guitarist and writer of Leicester super-indies Cusp… ace band who never quite made it (whatever that means). Anyhows, Andy’s dayjob was a teacher….. as everyone does, he wanted to get out of dayjob land. So, he started a childrens musical company.. started with a couple and now he’s on his 30 somethingth play, with over 8000 performances.

Long and short is, a long time ago he was able to ditch the day job and write songs full time (generally about dinner ladies and paper mache). Andy recorded to cassette for the first 7 years, then switched to digital 8 track: what I love is the fact it costs him nothing to do: the only recording costs are for a session singer (Hannah Brine) and mastering costs for me (dead cheap of course!). What he is is organised and jack of all trades enough to make a living from something he loves.. maybe not in a rock n roll band, but there are so many other options.

.. So, maybe this inspires you to do something a little something extra in the New Year?

It does, me.


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