Top 5 albums 2010

As a blogger, it’s the law to do some sort of top something list at the end of the year. Giving into peer pressure, here’s mine.

No particular order, but here’s five albums I’ve loved this year.

1 LCD Soundsystem : This is Happening. Totally blew me away. The production and the oozing of cool. Gorgeous.
2 Goldfrapp : Head First. A lesson in perfect pop.
3 Hot Chip : One Life Stand. Quirky lovely album.. organic but cold.
4 Massive Attack ; Heliogoland. I need to revisit this, but it could be their best album. Consistently heart-tugging.
5 I Am Kloot : The Sky at Night. Long time favorite band of mine, I’m thrilled their profile was raised with the Mercury Prize nomination. Not their best album, but solid.

Others… The Drums album’s great, the Mystery Jet’s is flipping great, Tracey Thorn’s is nice, Saint Etienne’s Christmas album ‘A Glimpse of Stocking’ is lovely (maybe its the sherry talking), Morrissey’s ‘Bona Drag’ reissue reminds me of some consistent B sides of the man, the Mark Ronson album isn’t half as bad as I’d imagined it’d be, the Arcade Fire album’s long but an epic soundscape and Robyn’s albums have made me smile. Oh, and I finally gave the Hurts album a listen. Some terrible lyrics but it pulled me in to repeated listens. Sneaky boys.

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