The new year ahead and toodelloo 2010

Happy New Year all.

2010 felt like the busiest yet. Mixed and mastered a few dozen tracks/albums/remixes, recorded some nice people, went to Munich, helped write an Iphone App for Apple, cobbled some music videos together, finally completed the We Are Altered album (out soon!), did some remixes (one of em won a prize!) and my TV music was used internationally on Masterchef, Gadget Show, Fifth Gear, Greys Anatomy and loads of mid afternoon shows I’d love to watch if I were on the dole. The day job became a little less stressful, but it signalled the end of something and the start of something new. I technically have 6 months left in that position before I go back to being a lecturer solely, so for the last few months (actually the last few years) I’ve been looking at other plans. More of which later in 2011.

So.. what now? The We Are Altered album is very much central to January/february. We have to chose card, make up flipping loads of sleeves, chose a release date and mail to press. There’s some remixes to put out as a teaser, a single. It’ll trickle out to the world looking lovely, but no live dates to boost the profile traditionally, so we’ll have to see how the bloggers and press can help us.

I’ll still be doing remixes, but I need to promise myself that any stuff  I do for free needs to generate material for TV music: all the remixes I do have ideas that don’t fit.. I need to organise them into fully formed compositions for media music. Maybe I could use the RPM challenge to force myself into some structured writing… as ever, it depends on the day job, though.

So, Music and family at the heart of a new year.

Can’t wait.

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