Men. Know your limits

Quick post tonight as I am swamped in paper from day job antichrists..

….so last week , limited to the bus due to poorly Vespa, I took to using the journey time to do some remixing. I pretty much finished a remix of a James Blake track. The only additions that weren’t completed on the bus were a 5 minute vocal session, and a 5 minute guitar session. Turns out my guitar was down to 4 strings, but that was OK, as I only used two anyway.

Limits. They are liberating. If I can remix on a bus, with only a pair of Ipod headphones, a caps lock keyboard, a 4 stringed guitar and a Macbook inbuilt mic, then the world really is your oyster. There was a time when I would actively postpone sessions til I had the right mic, not write til I had my new MIDI controller. That was pre-kids when time was water-like: free and limitless. 6 years of being a dad and having to grab 5 minutes here and there to do anything at all has gradually eroded my complaining ways away to the extent where I have little patience for anyone who demands the latest software, hardware or whatever else they think they need to make music.

Use what you’ve got


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