Digital Musician’s Toolbox

Today was the Digital Musicians Toolbox event I helped organise with Mark Towers as part of the Leicester College Critical Mass project to share practice with others.

Loads of really excellent stuff with MAX MSP, Ableton, Mastering (with Robin Junga) workshops, Martyn Ware, Music Business talk 2.0 with Lee Pellington and lots of other things.

I did a Logic class, which was great: first time I’ve taught Logic for ages, and was really pleased with how it went: newbies to seasoned pros were there and I hope they all got something from it.

Hope to repeat and build upon it next year, but one thing which always annoys is the lack of attendance. don’t get me wrong, it was healthy attendance all day, but why the hell wasn’t it to bursting point all day? The city’s full of producers….where were they all? It was free for god’s sake.

Rob from Cpulse was there.. he has been running a project and trying to put some CDs out.. I say ‘trying’ as he was saying how few artists could get their arse in gear to submit material…..unbelievable.

So.. maybe next year something which aims to help more people… maybe an Unconvention?

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