Been pretty inactive blog-wise, I know, but as ever, am busy.

Mastered an album for vinyl release this week by Blak Nite on Tangled Talk records: it’s been a real learning curve for me for this particular mastering job as the reference material is totally against the ‘normal’ reference material I’d normally use: the mixes are all super bassy super compressed and super bright and the masters are flat-lined on purpose: but the flat-lining is totally intentional. A bit glitch hop a bit Burial, but just dead good.

There’s a sexy preview video of three of the tracks I mastered on Youtube

It contains a remix of a WAA track, too, so that’s nice.

Other than that, have been doing some behind the scenes stuff for the forthcoming WAA album…..cutting, sticking, posting and now trying to get some blogs to review or feature it.

Oh, and finished that I Am An Love remix a couple of weeks back and popped a video together. The remix is going out as the B Side of the single in April



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