Been very quiet in blog-land..not that I’ve been idle..quite the contrary. This time of year in education is really quite horrible: deadline time, meaning lots of marking. Even when it’s cleared it totally zaps the energy needed to do anything creative. Another couple of weeks then it starts dying down and creative juices go up.

I’ve been carrying on with the Shortwave Fade sessions: just vocals to go and a bit of piano for me to edit, but the singer’s off to Egypt til mid June so that’s that for a bit.

Mastered some Peter Wyeth stuff.. as ever, lovely to hear what he’s been up to and how he’s doing it. More to come soon.

Next week in the day job I’ve got Paul Tipler doing a talk and he’ll be mixing some stuff and explaining what he’s doing. Really looking forwards to this…. we did the same thing with Gareth Jones a couple of years back, and it was excellent. I contacted Paul after reading a great interview with him in Tape Op magazine (if you don’t subscribe, do it now.. it’s free for god’s sake). The interview was full of the sort of ‘get on with it’ common sense I love. So, on Tuesday, he’ll be taking a mix of a track a student recorded, and taking it through to the final stages and thinking out loud his decisions and processes….. lucky students, lucky me. He engineered and mixed one of my favourite ever albums...

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