Morrissey Live 27 6 11

On monday I went to see Morrissey in Bradford at St Georges’s hall.. a lovely old theatre.

I cried a bit.

It was the 8th time I’ve seen him…. Last time was a cold arena, and it didn’t suit him, and he played too much filler from the ‘Ringleaders’ album. But this time, with no album to plug, the set list was flipping lovely: even the ’funny little singles’ from the 90’s sounded fresh and ace: yes, that included ‘Ouija Board’ and ‘You’re the one for me, Fatty’. The band still aren’t subtle but made good work of ‘Meat is Murder’ and ‘Speedway’. Highlight was ‘I know it’s over’, a song I’ve loved since buying the ‘Queen Is Dead’ in the 80’s… to hear it live and sang, and I mean really sang so beautifully made me have a little sniffle.

Yes his albums are patchy as hell, but, really…… he’s a one – off, and worth the wait for the little gems.

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