This and that

… been spending alot of time (around daytime blues) mixing the Free Control stuff. all done for now, but am going to Seamus Wong on thursday to finish them off with Paul.. this will be an interesting thing for me: it’s been years where I’ve been in the same space as another engineer co-mixing. We shall see if we end up with 5 amazing mixes we’re both happy with , or 5 compromises. Whatever happens, it’s always lovely mixing at the Wong.

Other than that, I’ve mastered some pretty weird covers function band, and started doing more on Hannah Brines stuff. Oh, and last week I did a live recording for a new singer/songwriter called, erm, Liam somebody. Lovely stuff though.

Hoping the wife’s friend will be doing the building bits for the studio, but it’ll be around him, so it could be december before anything budges… which will soon come round, but it won’t be soon enough.


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