This ‘n that

In education, this time of the year gets a bit busy.. lots of marking and trying to draw things to a close ready for the year to end. Pretty stressful leaving little time for other stuff. The other stuff still has to be done as things are moving with the studio conversion. Had to clear the garage out as much as possible, so lots sold or for sale.

New electric supply went in today (thank the lord for Poppa Arm Your Ears) to power my stuff and the wife’s ceramics gear.

Glass blocks ordered… lovely cross reeded blocks for the end window. A less sexy side window was picked up on friday. I bought an Ebayed 1940s door a few months back. The holes for both are being done on sunday and then fitted the same day. Very exciting. The brick work won’t be done til early next year.. then I need to insulate, plasterboard, plaster, floor the roof, floor the floor (!), benches, racks and draws.. lots to do but worth the wait.

Music stuff: finally finished the Free Control mixes.. off to Mastering Sam for the mastering. Had another choir mix and master for Fosse Singers which was all Christmassy.

Back to marking.

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