Win when you don’t try

Late last year, I remixed a She Makes War track. Laura Kidd (the talent behind SMW) ran a remix competition this summer, and although I didn’t enter it, the remix got ‘entered’ into the competition and has been chosen to go on a free remix album as a top 4 remix. Read about it and download here

Other news, with a bit of a back story, the Free Control mastering has been sent my way rather than who it was originally going to go to. So I’ll start that tomorrow.

Mastered another Edgy Productions play, and did some super quick recording of some live drums for the Hannah Brine track’s I’m producing… and I mean super-quick: single passes through two tracks or hats, snare, toms and ride: then to Logic for editing: not intending for them to replace the programming I’m doing.. just add some human swing.

Best news is the progress of the studio build. Two days of Super Gary saw the garage door removed, bricked up and some stud walling done. Hope to finish the studding before the 9th Jan. Will post piccies when I can get em off my (shit) phone

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