Studio so far.. with piccies!

So.. finally , due to my phone being shit, took some piccies of how the studio’s coming on with Julia’s phone……

We have the old lovely green 80s garage door.. replaced by brick and glass block window. Dead chuffed with how that’s turned out.. on paper it should work, but you never know til it’s up. The entire wall around the window will be rendered, and the whole wall will end up white / off white..including the brickwork around where the door was. A lovely light went up at the apex today too.

There’s a picture of the long outside wall with the door and little window in…. that wasn’t there a few weeks back. That wall will be painted .. probably off white. Not sure about the door colour: it’s a 1940’s one.. when I stripped it, there was a lovely green from years ago.. maybe it’s a nice nod to it’s past to paint it that colour again… I need to get new glass for it though, as it’s cracked.

Inside, the stud wall and views of each wall.. not particularly thrilling to look at, but am pleased I managed to get everything straight! Theres a 10cm gap before the wood studs: they’re 10cm deep too: it means I’ve lost, with plasterboard, nearly half a meter wide and long.. but the air gap, then the 10 cm Rockwool slab (next job) in the studs will give superior sound insulation, so worth the trade off.

Super Dad replaced the consumer power box with something that will take the massive amount of double power sockets, and today we did all the first fix stuff ready for me to put the Rockwool slab in.

I included some drawings , too…. not to scale (!) but I needed to solidify where the power points were, so I drew them with vague measurements.

What I’ll be left with after plasterboard and skimming is a room about 2 metres wide and 4 and a half meters long: so it really isn’t big enough to waste any space: and I won’t be alone in there, either: the window end will have a worktop for Julia Wifey: she’s going to be doing her ceramics / jewellery making in there. To the right of her will be the reclaimed sink.. we plumbed that in today temporarily.. its an old caretakers Armitage Shanks sink… ebay bargain: used to be in Birmingham’s tax office apparently. 4 or 500 quid new… 20 quid on Ebay: happy to be recycling it.. it’s lovely.

As well as the wife, there’s going to be a kids space.. Julia has a pair of old school desks from when she was a toddler.. theyll go to the left of her worktop. .. then the piano.. then my side : other than a nice deep work top, I don’t quite know how my end will , erm, end up: speaker positions are set, space for a monitor down the line.. other than that, I have lots to fit in.. drum machines, guitars, amps, I want my vinyl in there, my god just loads… so very very careful thought’s needed so it can hold everything neatly.

I won’t use any boothing this time: at my last place I had a vocal/amp booth. Don’t want any of that: there’s the room at a push, but open plan’s the feeling I’m after.

So, that’s that: Rockwool next, then plasterboarding, skimming, flooring ,sorting new glass for the door, painting, floorboards in the ceiling, buying lights (we’ve chosen them.. thats for another time though)

In all, it’s turning out to be the space I’ve had in my mind for ages.. can’t wait.

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