Pop (up)

Last night, I went to Hannah Brine‘s house to record vocals. Set up in her dining room with a Neumann mic and Edirol bus powered interface.. had a ball, really: to have that much instant communication whilst recording, even if I won the lottery, I doubt I’d build a live room again. Got lots of good stuff down.

Tonight, I set up in my kitchen and recorded some electric guitar on the tracks. Not played electric for a loooong time. The guitar (cheap Tele copy) has been in the garage for 5 an a half years without a case….. amazed when I plugged it in it actually worked at all.

I read an interview with Adrian Utley a few months back.. he said people always asked how he got his guitar to sound so ‘vintage’. ‘I never ever change my strings’ . If its good enough for him ………

In no way do I class myself as a guitarist, but using Logic I can cobble together enough takes to sound fine for what I need. I usually use an amp, and I would always use one if the guitar’s suppose to be prominent. My amp’s buried in the loft, so I recorded clean and will rely on amp simulators in Logic… had a quick fiddle with Guitar Amp Pro. I normally use that for crunchy vocals and sticking delays through, or just use it for the spring reverb.. quite a novelty to actually use it for guitars! So far, a rough mix of guitars, but they sound great, and really make the whole track sound more band-like. Should get the acoustic and bass done over the weekend before I start the mix properly.

Today Big G (dad) came round to get the water into the garage/studio.. the job that went wrong on sunday. But today, all went well and we now have running water ready to go. Mr Glazier popped in, too, to measure the door glass so he can replace it with some nice frosted stuff next week. Touch woo, the Soundroc plasterboard and the Rockwool slab should arrive tomorrow and I can get on that job.

Every couple of years I binge on Pet Shop Boys. No, not literally of course. They have a new B Sides album out. Their first one (Alternative) is a lesson in the perfect B Side. This new one is patchy to say the least, but has its moments. In poor blogging style, here’s one not from the new album, but a pretty perfect song featuring our Kylie

..and a proper B Side

.. and another

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