He aint heavy

Soundroc plasterboard arrived today. Fuck me it’s heavy. 16 sheets 2.4m x 1.2m (15mm thick) : the pallet got dropped off in the front garden.. and I had to take it down the drive, through the back gate and into the garage one piece at a time on my own. I had no idea how heavy it would be… but was surprised to say the least! 42 Kg per sheet, so over 670 kg in all.

The Rockwool slab arrived, too, tho only 5 of the 12 packs were in stock.. just as well as thats flipping bulky and I’m struggling to store it all! Luckily thats sealed in plastic so I can leave that outside.

I plan to get it packed in this weekend, with plasterboard over the next couple of weeks.

Edited the guitar recordings from last night on Hannah’s tracks… sounding great, and touch wood, bass recording over the weekend.

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