Feelin hot hot hot

Had a couple of hours in the studio today, putting some of the Rockwool slab in. It’s pretty easy, really, just measure, cut with bread knife (don’t tell the wife) and slip snugly into the stud frame: yes it’s itchy if you don’t wear gloves, but compared to normal insulation in a roll, not too bad. I got 5 or 6 square meters done, so, depending on what crops up this week, I’d hope to finish by next weekend.

Redid the bass on one of Hannah Brine’s tracks. I did this ages ago but we shifted the track up a tone.. and it sounded all wobbly. Luckily for me, I could no play all the bassline on one string! Did a few takes, then corrected any issues with Flextime. Bob’s yer uncle. Next week it’s time to mix both tracks.

Spoke to Paul at Seamus Wong today.. he knows I’ve been looking for a desk for a while and one cropped up in SOS readers ads. Its an Allen and Heath Sabre. I love that desk.. Paul used to have one at the Wong, and in the mid/late 90’s when I used to work from there a lot, I got used to it’s sound. Am sorely tempted to buy one.. there’s a few simple mods you can do to the channels and mix bus to make it even nicer… the one he called about is a 28 channel one, but it’s modular, so I could blank the middle channels and pop my Macbook Pro there.. I doubt I’ll ever get another desktop machine, and I can’t think of another desk under a grand where I can do that… hmmm. The down side is I don’t have the money, and I don’t fancy dipping into overdraft land. Also, in terms of the scale, I am still really weighing up whether or not I’m going to end up with a big board or a small summing mixer (and am thinking of a broadcast mixer with limiters perhaps).. I really can’t decide, and am in no rush to. The studio’s only 2 meters wide.. a Sabre or similar will eat 3/4 of that.. it’s hard to imagine how it will sit.


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