Rockwool n roll

Had a couple of hours Rockwooling the studio today…. I could do with some goggles… my eyes really sting tonight from the dust. I’ve got around half the walls done, now.. you really start to get a picture for what it’s going to look like and feel like now the walls are looking more solid.

Started mixing Hannah Brine’s stuff tonight… just organising / colouring , solo-ing stuff to remind myself of what I’d put in .. some of the programming I did in August (in a tent in Newquay!) so it’s been buried. I’ve tweaked some of the pads and drum sounds so far.Bass, too (which now sounds a French as I’d hoped it would. Tres Bon.)

When I re-ordered the tracks I’ve done it like a band, so I don’t lose the focus that Hannah may want to rehearse a band around these versions. So there’s drums, bass, guitar, keys, vox. Should set me up for a good week’s mixing.

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