I got glassed

A slow week for work on the studio. Been mixing the Hannah Brine tracks, mastered the new One Cure For Man EP, but had stacks of marking and lesson prep, plus poorly kids to help tend.

Still, today, the door (remember, readers, the one I got for cheap as anything off Ebay.. then the glass cracked?) got reglazed, and that looks great: nice to come home to today.

Tonight I put more Rockwool in.. probably half way there: would love it if I finished this weekend so I can start on the plasterboard next week, but we’ll see.

Still having mixed thoughts on the Sabre desk Paul Wong spotted.. he nearly convinced me to buy it yesterday over lunch: perhaps its perfect for what I want, but a large outlay when I’m still a while away from finishing the studio build and there’s the plasterer to pay (Easter), pain to buy and wooden floor to buy and lay.. let alone the worktops, storage etc. I may just fly in with a stupidly low offer and see what happens: worked for the Tape Machines I bought last summer!

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