Am somewhat behind with piccies….but here’s the stud walls filled with the Rockwool slab. Now it’s all pretty much plasterboarded, and like a satellite delay, I’ll post those later.Now the board is up you get a sense of what the space will be like…. very excited.

Today, Paul Tipler came to college to do a guest mix, talking through mix decisions to a small group of students, as well as a more general chat about the biz… very interesting for me. Turns out we have a few connections in common: he’s mixed some of the new Dubstar album, and Steve from Dubstar remixed some of my old bands tracks and produced us too. The wife and I used to meet up with Steve for drinks in Brighton pre-kids. Great days and all that.
In other news, the I Am In Love remix is pretty much there. Fingers crossed it’ll be on the physical release of the new single.

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