Outside in

Studio update: finally floored the attic space in the studio: small but will swallow some extra bits and bobs…. initially it’ll be the studio bits and bobs themselves before I put them in situ….. moving CDs and vinyl up there too.. I plan on thinning out my CD collection (which I haven’t touched since we moved 5 and a half years ago) an fully getting back into my record collection.. can’t wait to get it all out and get some storage for it.

Next.. Super Gary is plastering it next tues and wed.

Other stuff: after a long time not writing anything intended for TV-dom, I started a whole batch … some on my own, others with people. I tend to get things done quicker when there’s someone at the end of kind of waiting to hear what happens. Allows me perspective and lets me look ‘outside in’. So I wrote a few ideas last week under the guise of ‘ping pong’ing to and fro some quick ideas with others. Got some corking stuff so far. Started going through my old ‘ideas’ folder, too: some good stuff. Some not so good.

All this material’s working up to my next big project. Am yet to blog about it, but need more pieces of the jigsaw to be in place first.

Other than that.. having ace time off the day job!


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