New Free Control track and studio news

Mixed, mastered and added a bit of stuff to a new Free Control track.

Nice, as the band recorded the track themselves.

Other news: really bad chest infection knocked me out for a week, then went away with the family. Finally on the home straight with the studio: storage pretty much done.. still stuff to do, but fate intervened to get my finger out to get it into a working state. Am recording Hannah tomorrow for a trance track thing, so my hand’s forced. What this has meant is, getting stuff out, and plopping it in places so it’s useable. What it’s revealing is , my god, I’ve lots of stuff! Also, some of the places I thought stuff should go, really shouldn’t.. but that’s fine.

The piano still needs to go in.. until that’s in place I won’t get a real feel for the space. I’ve yet to dig through my boxes of cables.. some were torn out of my last place, so need resoldering. Also, logistical problems like headphone cable lengths also need sorting, but am hoping to do that later today.

It’s frustrating that I missed out on a couple of weeks of ‘sorting time’ but am really pleased with how it’s looking.

After tomorrow, I need to concentrate on the Summer Sundae studio I’m doing at the festival.. really looking forwards to that….


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