We have sound

Just connected my Focusrite Saffire up with a mic for tomorrow’s recording. Happy to report it works!

What I mean by that, I guess, is, it sounds great, but still will need some treatment: isopads should be here tomorrow for my Genelecs, and I need a pair of bass traps and probably some absorption either side of the mix position, but even without any treatment, the room sounds reassuringly good.. no resonant bass frequencies, thank god.

Blasted some of my mastering comparison tracks out, shut the door, and had a walk around outside: there’s always the danger of sound leakage being an issue to neighbours, but you couldn’t hear a peep on the neighbours side. The only spill was from the door, which is to be expected as its a paned and relatively thin door: if spill in is an issue , I can add a second door : I had that as a plan B for a while. Am hoping I won’t need to.. I really love having the sound of the outside in, and if I’m using cardioid mics I think I’ll leave it.. will see tomorrow, though.

Ergonomically, there’s a way to go… simple things like my Firewire 400 – 800 lead being short meaning my Macbook Pro’s in a less than ideal place.. luckily, I have a long cabled Mac keyboard, so I can operate from that, meaning the laptop’s just the brain and screen. I definitely want to get a larger monitor and will plop that in the middle of the shelf between the nearfields.

Am getting rid of my SY85 (offers welcomed!) and will replace with a smaller controller keyboard: the SY is just too big for the space, and space really is at a premium. I cleaned up my Hohner Pianet… I think I’m going to sell that.. a bit of a one trick pony, and , again, I need the space.

The shelves I put up above where the piano will be…. think I may get rid of those and move them….. hmm.

I think, though, I’ll wait til the piano’s in, and the desk (when I find one) is in.. that’s when I’ll settle and start making it feel like home…….

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