Yesterday was the first ‘proper’ outing for the studio.

I got ready for the session on tuesday night, checking everything hooked up and worked. It did… for hours.Then, yesterday, half an hour before Hannah arrived to record her vocals, my Focusrite Saffire 40 didn’t work. It worked the night before, so why not now? Usual stuff tried: turned everything off and on, turned things on in a different order.. still nothing: really frustrating.
I tried my Edirol interface with the same Firewire 400 – 800 cable, and nothing again.. ‘ahh, its the lead’ I thought. No spare.
So, in order to use the Edirol with the Firewire 400 port, I needed to get my White Macbook out. Thank god that worked with it, and we got through the session fine.

After the session, I checked the firewire 400 – 800 cable with my hard drive: worked fine. So, what went wrong. I went to the Focusrite site, and saw there was a new driver for the Saffire. I downloaded that, then rebooted. Worked. Fantastic. Why it worked on the old driver on tuesday remains a mystery… I never thought to check the drivers as it worked fine the night before.

If I didn’t have a spare interface and spare Macbook, the session would have folded. Moral of the story: don’t quite know, really…… prepare, then expect the unexpected. And duplicate your entire set up!

Anyway, the recordings sound great, and have been mailed to the producer in Ireland.

Today, I picked up the studio gear for the Summer Sundae pop up studio. Checked that the Alesis Multimix worked… it does.. hope it holds for the weekend!

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