Finally moved the piano from the living room into the studio


Can’t wait to get it tuned (thanks Doug and Andy for the donation last year)








Made a pair of acoustic panels, too. Foam just looks so ugly, so tried to make a panel and cover it with hessian.. proper 70s lime green. End results look ok, but I need to get a proper DIY stapler to make sure all sides are tight, then hang em either side of mix position.

Other than that, had a busy couple of weeks. Mixed and mastered a single by Rubie Colt. Lots of nice people involved and all for a good cause. Pretty new experience for me.. very very very bass heavy track: lots of pure sine waves: no chance of being heard on anything other than proper speakers.. so to give it a fighting chance, fact fans, I added overdrive to the bass to add harmonics which can be heard on more normal systems… there you go.. tip for the top!

Straight after, I went into mastering a soul/blues album.. and thats nearly done. Really lovely recordings: very honest and un processed. Total flip to the bass track one…

To get me in the mood, I’ve had Transformer on repeat. Only now can I listen to Perfect Day without thinking of Heather Small. Thank god.

Vicious remains one of my all time faves.Not heard Transformer? Where have you been?

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