Stuff and nonsense

First week back at the mortgage paying thing I do, and my god I’m tired. Nice to see the rest of the team, and dare I say it, some of the students.

It’s been time to upgrade my Macbook Pro for a while and my new one arrived yesterday. I need to transfer all my shizzle over, and install all the stuff I need, upgrades etc… I shouldn’t moan: dead lucky to have the thing in the first place, but I’m not seeing a time where I can spend on it with concentration. Certain to have misplaced some install discs, I’m sure.

Had productive chats about the big project, and with baby steps that’s moving. Learning that good web people are much less reliable and findable than musicians!

Saying I was putting my ‘closed’ sign up on Arm Your Ears for a few months, a little something’s sneaked in. I’m doing a bit of mixing on the Daydream Club‘s new EP. Trialing a track and if it works out, will do the other 4 if I can work out the time. Really well produced, well recorded stuff and the lead track (called ‘Little Face’ ) is absolutely beautiful.

Studio wise, am waiting for the blanking plate for the Sabre.. should be a week for that. Just ordered 2 Neutrik patchbays, and looking for looms.

I’ve got to think about the racks I built for my gear.. maybe need to build 2u ones and spread them , or keep the 2 x 3 u ones I built and stand speakers on them.. maybe too high , though.. or maybe build new ones to put n the middle of the speaker shelf for the thin outboard (Drum and Bass Stations, MIDI interface and patchbays) and find another space for the deeper stuff.. TLA and Saffire.. hmm… lots of sitting there looking and thinking.

I intend to get a 23 inch Apple Cinema display down the line on an arm for the wall… so I need to work round that, too…. and there’s still drum machines and little keyboards I need to shelf up…. could do with a few months off!

..So what about Bowie’s single, then? Never been a huge fan, but what a masterstroke… pushing out a new single after 10 years away…how can anyone keep that level of secret anymore for 2 years?!


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