Vauxhall And I, and I

20 years ago yesterday, my favourite Morrissey album was released: it just sounds so beautiful: Steve Lillywhite did a spectacular job with the production, especially when you consider the twin guitarist sledgehammer duo of Whyte and Boorer were involved.

I was going to blog a bit about the album, but this article does it more justice than I ever, could. Enjoy it, here

I was studying at the SSR in Manchester at the time, so on the day of release, I queued up about 8 hours to get my album signed. I shared cheap cider with the others in the line and had a great old time…. when my time came to get the CD signed, I slipped a cheeky extra poster out from under my T Shirt (you were only supposed to get the album signed, naughty me) and he said : ‘What’s your name?’ ‘John’ ‘With an ‘h’?’ ‘Yes’. I then said the immortal line ‘I’ve missed Home and Away for this!’. ‘No, you haven’t’ he retorted. I know… a life as a comedy writer for me!

Anyway, I gave him a hug and left happy as a happy thing.

….a weird anomaly from the same sessions but released a while after




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