Positive Negatives

Life can be hard.

Had some family illness, family deaths, things breaking down and a host of other things that make some days really hard.

One thing I learned a few years ago is to try to turn the downs into ups. If those around you are negative, put your energy into doing positive things: Write some music, work on something that will make someone around you happy, do something that moves you, even snail pace, towards a goal. These pay dividends : the hard bits are the initial effort to start to do something when you feel like you’ve been hit…and the time it takes…..you plant seeds that sometimes take years to bear fruit. Some may never result in anything, but isn’t it better you try rather than focus on pointless negatives?

Don’t be a dick.


Here’s a super sad song..nice to have a cry every now and again

And here’s a super happy  (well, sleazy happy) one…single of the year so far



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