Feb update

Sporadic blogging, as ever… Not through lack of good stuff to write about, but through a lack of time and it not being on my list of things to do.

So, I finished mixing an EP by the Daydream Club. That was a real treat…… Adam from the band is quite the organised creative! : excellent to mix as everything was so well recorded and edited , it felt very much like old fashioned mixing where you’re not spending time tuning and cleaning up timing , you’re just balancing.
The mix head I had on was very much about balance and light compression/dynamic control…..kind of a 70s feel. I used the newish Waves tape simulator a fair few times…. Sounded especially good on the drum buss, fact fans.
Lots of tweaks later via email lists , the 5 tracks were completed and they’ve gone to U2’s mastering engineer … Really can’t wait for that result. The EP should take the band a long way….. Ace songs and brilliant arrangements, and lovely people.

Studio: desks now in place. Blanking plate sprayed… I went through 3 different greys… still cant get one the same grey as the other channels but it looks good as is.

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 20.11.38

Holds my Macbook, control interface and MIDI keyboard, with space to spare. Wired everything up last night…. Now need to label and test it all and have a big tidy up! Had to adapt layout of studio to get patch bays in…. Space is at a premium already!

Other news, I went to the Apple trainers conference. It’s been in Barcelona, Paris , Munich, Media City before… This one was in London….. I love going to this as its a great chance to talk to others from all round the world about problems they all face… And I learn loads. Highlight (other than the free bar!) was a Logic geek Toby Pitman ….. Dead interesting : he was on the music team for the closing ceremony for the Olympics ( with David Arnold) … Went through some advanced Logic stuff and told us what happened with Paul McCartneys fluffed intro!

The ‘big project’ is trickling along nicely… 6 months off to get into it would nice…..

Screen shot 2013-02-10 at 20.11.53

14th – 15th Oct . Lost in Munich

.. excuse the pun, but when I arrived in Munich, I was…lost! Took a bus, but got off at the wrong stop. Following what I thought was common sense, I was convinced I was going the right way. I wasn’t, but the up side was I saw lots of Munich. I was blown away by the buildings.

… eventually getting to the hotel, Munich Park Hilton, right by the beautiful English Garden I had an hour to kill before the first Apple training event. So..I went for a bite to eat, and, like Paris last year was amazed at the lack of veggie options. My god they love meat.

I don’t.

I knew I should have packed Pringles.

The first couple of workshops were amazing: they were very Final Cut Pro orientated but dead interesting. A guy from Apple called Alex talked through the use of Macs at the World cup: all coverage was edited on a Mac using FCP. And the fact that FCP, like it’s audio counterpart, Logic is affordable to all, you get an idea of the power in all of our hands.

Next up was a session on Soundtrack Pro: nice to feel relatively smug compared to the video guys here.. ! Still, as ever at these things, I learned lots.

The evening… a trip to a Sea Food restaurant which turned out to be a meat and fish place. Truly disgusting food unless you eat meat or fish. I literally ended up having two pieces of bread: those were foul, too, and I had to brush sat from them.

Still, the free booze made up for it……….. a lot of red wine.A lot of those massive glasses of beer. Champagne. White wine. Spirits. Ouch. Importantly, nice conversation. Met a FCP freelancer whose son works for Warp records. Lots of other nice people too.

Day 2. Hungover, trudged through the day with workshops which were useful… again, the best part was chatting to others and seeing how they  tackle education.

Nice to get a name check for the App I co wrote with a couple of others for Logic revision.

Yawning, the flight home was delayed… co pilot was in Geneva. ! Still, got home at 2.15.

Just what the doctor ordered for two days.

Now, back to work….

Shortwave fade track.. at the mo called ‘Piano Song’ : I spent a couple of hours mixing until I realised how tired my ears were, so stopped. Requested some of the synths as MIDI files for more control, and the audio synth tracks have loads of effects on some, so have asked for those raw. Emailed the track as it stands to the band, but did a second mix with 909 drums.. just because… well at the moment the band are drummerless so it felt right to prod a little in that direction, just to see.