Free lovely songs

Follow this link here to listen to some and, indeed, download some really lovely stuff from Andy Jenkinson of Butterfly Polite ‘fame’

Andy wrote and recorded this as part of the RPM Challenge: well worth a go next year if you need a method to focus writing. I know I do!

17th Oct 2010 Old songs and mastering

Mastered the WAA remix I did. Decided on an alias for the upcoming remix things I’m doing. They’ll go out under ‘The Rise and Demise of John’ mixes. This is the name of a song I started to write 2 or 3 years ago at the start of WAA. It got as far as a verse and chorus from me, then over to John R for a second verse and middle bit. We finished it but it didn’t feel right, so we shelved it. Really love the chorus and may revisit it one day, but for now it’ll do as an umbrella. It’s ridiculous!

A while back, we sent a WAA track to Andy and Sarah from Butterfly Polite to try to do the vocals for. John R and I had bashed our head against a wall on this one song, called “Romance”. I love the song but neither of us could nail the vocal, and I felt it needed a boy girl ‘thing’. They recorded the vocals and did a great job, but am still struggling with the song. Started stripping it back and putting it together again.. I get the feeling I’m a long way away yet…..