What’s goin on

My blogging has been ever more irregular.. must try to rectify that.

Studio update: all lights are in, sink in, wife’s side workbench is in and just started to beeswax my worktop to put in asap. In terms of storage, I’m winging it a little as I’m still learning how the space feels. Getting there, though.

Recorded a vocal for the Bandish Projekt with Hannah  a couple of weeks back: that’s being released soon.

Day job wise, it never ceases to amaze me how stressful and time consuming it is at this time of year, but the end of year gig on friday at Upper brown Street was a nice break from the marking. I did some live sound for it and enjoyed that for the main part.

Last thur and fri I wend to the Roland Academy conference in Walsall: nice campus and ace gear. Had a play on an Allen and Heath live desk (..erm, so not a Roland one!),there was  a Gaia demo (we have one but I’ve never even turned it on!). There were some live video desks too and a really user friendly mix extraction tool called R Mix

..seems very useful for Listening Skills type lessons.. you know, analysing classic tracks, extracting the kick, the lead vox, etc, as well as a great remix tool. Worth a further peek.

..new music..

This is ace (but album’s patchy)

The new Saint Etienne album’s great.. this track sums up the warm loveliness of the whole album: especially if you’re over 30

New Hot Chip album is a bit disappointing: some good stuff on there, but feels like words were crammed to backing tracks in some cases.

Oct 7th Gaps, WAA remix and Bernard Sumner Hot Chip collaboration

Sorted the gaps on the Kafkadiva album, then onto the WAA remix I’m doing. Trimmed the flab from the end and replaced a snare with a Linn snare sample. My favourite snare, fact fans.

Converse are running a series of collaborations at the moment. Bernard from New Order has done a collaboration with Hot Chip. ‘Didn’t know what love was’ is a slice of Electronic era Bernard. In true Hot Chip style, it sounds like a demo…they’ve made a career form it and lovely they are, too. Pretty good tune: best thing Bernard’s been involved with for a while.

Hot Chip have become a bit special to me over the last few years. Love their take on pop. Use of what can only be described as ‘shit sounds’ over ace songs is a winner for me. Even when the sounds aren’t shit, the results can be beautiful

and here’s another excuse to put this video up…….