16th Sept … usual! and old papers

Tweaked some Kafkadiva mixes, Jamie Says masters… both nearly done.

Picked up some free old NMEs, SOunds and Melody Makers from the late eighties and early nineties from some guy who was giving them away via Freecycle . My heart leapt when I picked them up.. there’s about 150! I recognise all the front covers….. I used to religiously buy them around that period and owned pretty much most of them, but threw them away when I left home. Can’t wait to plough through Ā them all.

15th Sept More Jamie Says, Kafkadiva mixing and Earrings

… limited hearing focus.. enough for three master tweaks for Jamie Says and a mix fiddle on a Kafkadiva track.

Uploaded the WAA to mine and John’s publisher.. they may be using some of it on library albums. If that happens we’ll need to rethink the album content. I think one of the tracks ‘We’re at out height’ is being used with some vocal. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the album.. we may end up giving that track in its original form sooner rather than later.

Read about a guy going under the name of Earrings in the Guardian. Check him out.. mysterious.. and some left of centre pop…

7th Sept. Kafkadiva mix finished? WAA remix, Robyn album

.. emailed the Kafkadiva mix to the band for feedback, then got back on the WAA Valentine remix… about there, but started a reprise idea, so loaded up the mellotron samples.. and here we go! Hopefully there’ll be an edit and a wig out mix….

Listened to the Robyn album Body talk part 2 tonight. Best track is the collaboration with Snoop Dogg. Ace. Rest is the pop of the perfect kind. Something lovely about her.

6th Sept. New Kafkadiva mix, more One Cure For Man mastering and some sleeve thoughts

Always nice when the first mix gets the thumbs up from the band, so mastered the ‘Soul of Man’ track for One Cure For Man and then onto the last album track mix for Kafkadiva. Did a little drum replacement to counteract the tiny room we recorded in, then went 70s-tastic on the phasing and wah-tip. Sneaked some Mellotron in and percussion ear candy.Pretty much there.

John R thought of a good sleeve idea… so thats nearly decided

25th Aug Jamie Says mastering, Kafkadiva tweaks

Had a few new mixes of Jamie Says tracks to master, and a couple of comments on the Kafkadiva tracks to act upon.. last night’s mix was pretty much there which is nice… very rough and ready.

John R and I are thinking hard about the sleeve for the WAA album……..

22nd / 23rd Aug Mix tweaks/Mastering One Cure For Man/ Logic Studio App / Kafka Diva mix

Debates over drum replacement yielded a successful mix OK from One Cure For Man… so mastered that track. They want me to mix the other 3 tracks on the EP now.

Emailed the Logic Studio questions off for the Logic revision Iphone app, then downloaded some more Kafkadiva files and prepped that mix.

John R had a great idea about cassette sleeve : note pad with cassette shape carved out. .. cassette inside it…Not sure we’d be able to do it but ace idea!