Dec 23rd Jamie Says vid and Sprlnr remix

Knocked a video out for the Jamie Says remix I did. Here’s the method: Search using ‘Static’ as keyword, download low viewed video. Pop in Imovie. Fiddle (for 2 minutes). Done.

Hardly Anton Corbijn but it’ll do.

John R did this ace remix of a WAA track under his sprlnr guise. Vocal was a little bolted on to the music so I asked him to email me the music and vocals separately to allow me to place better. A bit of EQ and compression with some subtle delays sorted it out. Ideally I’d have had the Logic project but I didn’t want to alter it too much… and with the project I’d have tweaked til the cows came home and probably have murdered it.

You’ll hear it early next year, but it’s sexy as anything.

11th Nov 2010 Jamie Says remix : have a listen

Dreampoptastic Got the OK from Kyle to play it, so here it is.

 <span><a href=””>Static – Jamie Says (the Rise and Demise of John Mix)</a> by <a href=””>arm your ears</a></span>

8th Nov 2010 Pottering and Jonathon Jeremiah

Well, just been pottering around really. Enjoying the remixing bits… a nice distraction. One of the three has hit a dead end, but other two coming on nicely. the fourth (Jamie Says) seems to have died.. Kyle never got back to me, so I assume he hates it! A deal’s a deal, so I won’t play it to anyone else. The musical ideas I generated round it will go into other stuff I’m sure.Hope to get the rest done this week, then devote some more time to the paperwork of the WAA album.. promo and press lists…WAA stuff coming on: sleeve and card and stickers and duplication. Lots to do. As ever, not enough time to do it in.

Jonathon Jeremiah was on Later last week. It wasn’t a surprise .. I’d heard he signed a deal a few months back and I mailed him to say hi……. he used to live in Leicester and I recorded a batch of songs with him at an old studio I used to run. I must dig the DATs out, but I remember the sessions well. Really lovely lovely songs and voice. Before he booked the studio his sole question was ‘can you do that Verve effect?’. Yes… (he meant a delay, fact fans). The fact I could do ‘that Verve effect’ meant I got the job and we did, well, a few tracks. Theres a song called ‘My Angelino’ which I hope he digs out … sure fire classic: we did some strings using an Akai and a Yamaha SY22…. felt real at the time anyway!

The sessions were always good fun: there was him playing 12 string , 6 string and bass, Andy from another 2 or 3 bands including 60s tastic Broncho Bullfrog playing drums.. and a few others popping in and out. It was a bit of a soap opera time, too: Jonathon’s to-be-girlfriend, Diane was best friends with my soon to be girlfriend ,Naveda, so for a while it was a bit of a close knit muso love-in-commune!

Jonathon did a gig at the Charlotte which was fucking terrible….. the soundcheck was the rehearsal, and it had Rob from indie lovers Perfume on guitar. I did the sound : wish I’d recorded it!

Well done on him signing to Island ( I think well done, but you never know!)

1 11 10 Mastering Jamie Says, some remix action and One Cure for Man demos

Lots of marking tonight and before the ears went to sleep I mastered the Jamie Says remix. Mailed to Kyle.

Worked a little on the Local Natives remix. Got a structure and enough basic ideas really…next comes the moulding.

As I type this am listening to some One Cure For Man demos James sent me… really ace. There’s a slow build track called ‘Not a Word’ which is really really great.

John R has sorted the stickers out for the WAA album…. we trickle on!

Oct 28th 2010 Driving in my car. Art attack. Ken.

First time in a long time I drove to the day job. I burnt the WAA album to CD and tagged the Jamie Says remix on the end too. Was lovely to listen… are great ways to get a good idea of your mix…no parallel sides for a start. I remember mixing a punk album years ago: every time we thought we’d have a mix done we’d record it to cassette then run to the car park and pop it on the car stereo.

Anyhow, pleased to say (as its too late) that the album sounds great. The Jamie Says remix is pretty much there.. a couple of tweaks (that I’m about to do) which sounded obvious when you listen in a different context, but that’s the point of listening on other systems.

I did some video editing on the WAA track I started last week. Always wondered what the Ken Burns effect was. So I rinsed it to death. Wish I had the energy to learn more editing as I have access to Final Cut Studio, but I’ll stick with I-Movie for now: it’s a needs be needs must thing. The vid’s looking OK. Just used some nice imagery I found on Youtube and squished it about a bit. “better than nothing” the reviewers will all say!

Spent some time on the WAA album sleeve, too. Again, I wish I had more skills, but I enjoy poking round with the limited tools I have. I mailed what I had to John R for his ideas, too

21st Oct 2010 More remixing and WAA album stuff

Burned the master CD for duplication of the cassettes. Very nice moment.. long time coming, but there’s much left to do, still.

Looked for card for the wrap around sleeve, but the usual supplier has run out of textured white… they’re sending us some samples of packing card, which, she says, is textured. FIngers crossed. Nice card that fits through a domestic printer is hard to find….. on we go.

Had another hour on the Jamie Says remix. Done all I can til I get the single tracked vocal from Kyle. Sounding nice tho. Hope he likes it.


Tomorrow, I’m doing the sound at the Old Phoenix (now called Upper Brown Street). Been a while since I did live sound, so am excited.

20th Oct 2010 Remixing and WAA album stuff

Had a good couple of hours on the Jamie Says remix. Dusted down my vocal chords on it, too for some Pimpf style vocals.

Had immense trouble uploading missing WAVs to the CD baby site…. ridiculous trouble. So I mailed John R the files and he sorted it and paid. Finally it’s done and ready to be released……. the cassette version has been quoted for… really lovely black reel to reel style. The on body printing should look perfect with it. .. then there’s those ‘posh’ (in their day) polycases and we’re making the wrap around sleeves with recycled cards. Oh, and then there’ll be stickers, too.

…judging by our snails’ pace to date, I can see it being out ……2011? Probably

By the way.. nice new track from John R’s alias

don’t know how the hell he makes this stuff. Must have a degree or summat

19th Oct 2010 Remixing and video making

With the Jamie Says album done and dusted I wanted to do a remix of a track I particularly liked. It’s called ‘Static’. Really lovely sentiment. I took the vocal and fiddled for an hour, and so far have a nice vibe.. really dreamy. More of that later in the week. Very rewarding, remixing.. I don’t take it as genre mashing or whatever these youngsters do (!), I look at it more of a re-imagining of it…. this one in particular is bringing out a different feeling that was there all along, but hidden within the original… (I hope!)

Made a video for a WAA track.. I found a nice Youtube clip I’ve hacked up. Just see if John R likes it before I post it online.

WAA album seemed to disappear from CD baby pre Itunes, but it’s back now…weird. John R’s been sorting the stickers out. We need to nail the sleeve, now and send the master to Tapeline.

28th Sept. All over Battersea. Waveburner, Kafka tweaking the tweaks of tweaked mixes

Exported the Jamie Says album to Dropbox for Kyle to peruse at his leisure. The album’s called ‘Blue Genes’ by the way.

Kafkadiva final (?) tweaks pre mastering: three tracks done tonight, rest tomorrow, then master the lot.

WAA ‘Valentine’ mix.. had a listen over breakfast and its pretty much there. Last third needs a good crop though.

Came across this link to some stunning pictures of Battersea Power Station. Nothing to do with music, but am picturing all those lovely switches and knobs as old compressors, gates and EQs.

27th Sept. Jamie Says gaps for album

Spent a while tweaking gaps between tracks on the Jamie Says album. Astounding the difference a couple of milliseconds can have on the flow of the album. Not something I’ve had to do for a while… not many physical albums released: much more MP3 stuff. An oversight on my part, but .. what’s the album actually called?!

To sort the gaps and final fade ins and outs I use Waveburner. Used to be lots of money, but now bundled in with Logic. Ace.

Jamie Says Waveburner session