Archive, OK?

Have been asked to run off and master some instrumentals for some sync publisher of some stuff I mixed a while ago now.

At the time I mixed it, I was trying some demo versions of software out. The band never asked me to archive. I did anyway… and thank the lord I exported all as audio: If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t of been able to do these mixes without trying to replace the non-purchased AU’s.

Just a simple lesson to all you bands out there: make sure whoever you mix your stuff with, always make sure you get exported WAVs of your mixed files… just in case.


In other news….well, as and when, I’ve been painting the studio: the inside’s all done except the door. I started on the outside brick work today. Slowly getting close to completion.

29th Sept tweaks tweaks. I-Phone Logic App

FInal (I said that last night) tweaks pre mastering of Kafkadiva mixies.

The I Phone app I co wrote Logic Studio questions for was released. Wrong overview.. I don’t train for Amsys, but am seeing about getting that text changed to be , well, correct! Will post a link properly once the text is correct. Proud as punch to have been involved tho. The other two are Logic experts.. Mike Watkinson writes the Apple notes for Sound on Sound. A bit better than me, then.