5th Sept. The usual and a bit of the Mercurys

…more mixing on the track I started last nite for One Cure For Man. Lovely.

Tuesday sees the annual Mercury prize awarded. Always a talking point for good, bad and ugly reasons I think it’s a given this year that the XX will win. I heard that album last Christmas and it seeped into my brain over a few listens. I love the fact the arrangements do the reverse of what they should.. almost as if they had a copy of Oblique Strategies and turned a card over saying ‘don’t get bigger, shrink’

I love the Wild Beasts album, too. If you break the album to crude chords, it’s a doddle to play, but just lovely intertwining drums, bass and guitar doing un-obvious things make the whole thing be really beautiful. The lyrics are pretty outrageous. Camp as you like. Ace.

….but I’d love I Am Kloot to win. Their album, Sky At Night, doesn’t break new ground in the way Wild Beasts and the XX do, but it’s a solid bunch of songs presented in a timeless way. Their profile’s been raised by Elbow’s involvement, it’d be nice to see them win and take the batten from Elbow as ‘underdogs go overground’.

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