Shortwave Fade Sessions

Sorry for lack of blog-action. Super-duper busy.

… musically, we started the EP sessions with SWF last week: got drums, bass and started guitar tracking too. Files came back with me, and I knocked them around a bit, tightened the drums up …not that the drummer’s bad.. he’s ace, but the loops are unforgiving. Tried a few different drum samples to work with the live drums. Can be hard melding live drums with electronic loops.. so that’ll need some playing about with.

Tracking the rest of the guitars in a week, vocals to follow, then mix.

Off to see Wild Beats on monday. Excited.

5th Sept. The usual and a bit of the Mercurys

…more mixing on the track I started last nite for One Cure For Man. Lovely.

Tuesday sees the annual Mercury prize awarded. Always a talking point for good, bad and ugly reasons I think it’s a given this year that the XX will win. I heard that album last Christmas and it seeped into my brain over a few listens. I love the fact the arrangements do the reverse of what they should.. almost as if they had a copy of Oblique Strategies and turned a card over saying ‘don’t get bigger, shrink’

I love the Wild Beasts album, too. If you break the album to crude chords, it’s a doddle to play, but just lovely intertwining drums, bass and guitar doing un-obvious things make the whole thing be really beautiful. The lyrics are pretty outrageous. Camp as you like. Ace.

….but I’d love I Am Kloot to win. Their album, Sky At Night, doesn’t break new ground in the way Wild Beasts and the XX do, but it’s a solid bunch of songs presented in a timeless way. Their profile’s been raised by Elbow’s involvement, it’d be nice to see them win and take the batten from Elbow as ‘underdogs go overground’.