23rd Sept WAA remixing / publishing / British Sea Power

Devoted the evening to the We Are Altered remix I’m doing. Made headway, tho my mind always finds it hard to think in tracks over 4 or 5 minutes. There’s some magic happening, I think.

John R and my publisher for TV music we write (usually apart) has heard the WAA album and wanted to use a track called ‘We’re at our height’, so that’ll have to come off the album. Swings and roundabouts.

British Sea Power return with a new EP, and are giving the track ‘Zeus’ away. I love BSP: they create a world all of their own. I still have some BSP Kendal mint cake from a gig in 2003. Better than a T shirt. If you’ve not heard their last album proper, I urge you to listen. ‘Do You Like Rock Music’ sounds lovely.. like it was recored in a submarine (Actually, I think they did record it in a water cooler)

Here’s ‘No Lucifer’ from the album

and the wonderful ‘Waving Flags’

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