22nd November. Music

… so since a flurry of remix activity I’ve take a break to do grown up man things like paint the kitchen. Thank the lord for Ipods.

Downloaded 6 Music’s Roundtable. Had some great stuff. The new British Sea Power single’s lovely

Quite liked the White Lies single, tho’ I was less than blown away by their last album….

shocking lyrics, but this single’s alrite…. only alrite as I’m old enough to remember the  Teardrop Explodes.

Alan Moulder’s produced it.. he’s a bit of a dense one (mixing wise) and I could imagine if I were 16 I’d be thinking

it was amazing. As Im 37 …….

Caitlin Rose was album of the week up for review. Pretty unimpressive til I heard this

More hot off the press albums of the month…. from: 1990!!! In the NME, March they rounded up the ten albums you should own. Great month: Blue Aeroplanes, Lloyd Cole and Furniture all feature. Hard to imagine that I’d find three albums in single month I’d like let alone love , now!

Found this advert for the Furniture single. Really great art.

Unbelievably, Furniture’s track Song For a Doberman is nowhere to be seen on Youtube. Nowhere on Spotify,


Much to enjoy tho:

.. back to painting

Rock and (Paint) Roll (er)

23rd Sept WAA remixing / publishing / British Sea Power

Devoted the evening to the We Are Altered remix I’m doing. Made headway, tho my mind always finds it hard to think in tracks over 4 or 5 minutes. There’s some magic happening, I think.

John R and my publisher for TV music we write (usually apart) has heard the WAA album and wanted to use a track called ‘We’re at our height’, so that’ll have to come off the album. Swings and roundabouts.

British Sea Power return with a new EP, and are giving the track ‘Zeus’ away. I love BSP: they create a world all of their own. I still have some BSP Kendal mint cake from a gig in 2003. Better than a T shirt. If you’ve not heard their last album proper, I urge you to listen. ‘Do You Like Rock Music’ sounds lovely.. like it was recored in a submarine (Actually, I think they did record it in a water cooler)

Here’s ‘No Lucifer’ from the album

and the wonderful ‘Waving Flags’