19th Oct 2010 Remixing and video making

With the Jamie Says album done and dusted I wanted to do a remix of a track I particularly liked. It’s called ‘Static’. Really lovely sentiment. I took the vocal and fiddled for an hour, and so far have a nice vibe.. really dreamy. More of that later in the week. Very rewarding, remixing.. I don’t take it as genre mashing or whatever these youngsters do (!), I look at it more of a re-imagining of it…. this one in particular is bringing out a different feeling that was there all along, but hidden within the original… (I hope!)

Made a video for a WAA track.. I found a nice Youtube clip I’ve hacked up. Just see if John R likes it before I post it online.

WAA album seemed to disappear from CD baby pre Itunes, but it’s back now…weird. John R’s been sorting the stickers out. We need to nail the sleeve, now and send the master to Tapeline.

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