20th Oct 2010 Remixing and WAA album stuff

Had a good couple of hours on the Jamie Says remix. Dusted down my vocal chords on it, too for some Pimpf style vocals.

Had immense trouble uploading missing WAVs to the CD baby site…. ridiculous trouble. So I mailed John R the files and he sorted it and paid. Finally it’s done and ready to be released……. the cassette version has been quoted for… really lovely black reel to reel style. The on body printing should look perfect with it. .. then there’s those ‘posh’ (in their day) polycases and we’re making the wrap around sleeves with recycled cards. Oh, and then there’ll be stickers, too.

…judging by our snails’ pace to date, I can see it being out ……2011? Probably

By the way.. nice new track from John R’s alias

don’t know how the hell he makes this stuff. Must have a degree or summat

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