Oct 28th 2010 Driving in my car. Art attack. Ken.

First time in a long time I drove to the day job. I burnt the WAA album to CD and tagged the Jamie Says remix on the end too. Was lovely to listen…..cars are great ways to get a good idea of your mix…no parallel sides for a start. I remember mixing a punk album years ago: every time we thought we’d have a mix done we’d record it to cassette then run to the car park and pop it on the car stereo.

Anyhow, pleased to say (as its too late) that the album sounds great. The Jamie Says remix is pretty much there.. a couple of tweaks (that I’m about to do) which sounded obvious when you listen in a different context, but that’s the point of listening on other systems.

I did some video editing on the WAA track I started last week. Always wondered what the Ken Burns effect was. So I rinsed it to death. Wish I had the energy to learn more editing as I have access to Final Cut Studio, but I’ll stick with I-Movie for now: it’s a needs be needs must thing. The vid’s looking OK. Just used some nice imagery I found on Youtube and squished it about a bit. “better than nothing” the reviewers will all say!

Spent some time on the WAA album sleeve, too. Again, I wish I had more skills, but I enjoy poking round with the limited tools I have. I mailed what I had to John R for his ideas, too

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